Sun Dancer, Moon Dancer

By Rich McCoy

NZ$ 80 each or NZ$ 125 for a pair (inc p+p)

Sun & Moon Dancer

Created in the COVID 19 isolation, expecting twins and when for me the absence or appearance of a beautiful sunny day or a heavily pregnant full moon is even more impactful.

All proceeds from the sale of these twin prints will go towards buying the things we need to prepare for the imminent arrival of our twin boys.

There are 13 of each of the Sun Dancer, Moon Dancer prints. Due to the printing process all prints are different, unique and special, just like you.

420 x 594mm (Standard A2)

SunDancerMoonDancer _ 01Sun Dancer SunDancerMoonDancer 02Moon Dancer SunDancerMoonDancer 02Sun Dancer, Moon Dancer prints framed with way to much reflection SunDancerMoonDancer _ 01Rich signing the Sun Dancer, Moon Dancer prints SunDancerMoonDancer 02The Japanese stamps on the back of Sun Dancer, Moon Dancer prints

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