Year / 1994
Materials / 8mm film, video

Rich McCoy Signiture


One out of a trilogy of brief films, of which the remaining two have succumbed to the unforgiving ravages of time and the deleterious effects of moisture in the attic, was produced utilizing super 8mm film recorded in the iconic Roman Forum. Of particular note, the lead role was portrayed by my late father, who, during my formative years, undertook theatrical pursuits as a hoby as both actor and director in our remote African community.

This trilogy of fictions delves into the dangerous territory of playing with what is real and what is a mere construct. The first installment explores the manipulation of truth and the power of those who create fictions that they present as irrefutable truths. The subsequent parts of this trilogy, sadly lost or destroyed, represent a disturbing parallel to modern political events. Without these crucial pieces, the full truth cannot be revealed, leaving us to ponder the insidious ways in which we adopt and cling to our beliefs based on our own preconceptions. This work serves as a potent warning of the dangers of allowing those in power to control the narrative, and the dire consequences that follow when truth becomes nothing more than a subjective and malleable concept.