8 minutes
7 Seconds

Year / 1993
Materials / 8mm film, Umatic video, Projector

Rich McCoy Signiture


The 8mm film was re-scanned and elegantly synchronized to harmonize with a musical composition by the renowned New York New Wave composer, Glenn Branca.

The 8 minutes and 7 seconds was a product of my second year at university. In an attempt to create a textural film piece with minimal drama, I captured footage of a blank concrete wall near the seafront in Plymouth, Devon, England using super 8mm film. The film was intended to offer a meditative experience to the viewer, one that subverts the conventional standards of fast-paced cuts and dramatic sensation in most music videos. I thus endeavored to produce a music video that would, in contrast, provide an opportunity for viewers to rest their minds, expand their cognitive horizons, and challenge their preconceptions of dramatic stimulation.