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Year / 2020 - Date
Camera phone

Rich McCoy Signiture


In capturing moments of our loved ones, we seek to preserve and cherish the fleeting beauty of life. With the help of modern technology, we can freeze these highlights in time, creating a visual record of our cherished memories. But perhaps, it is not just the technical aspect that makes these snaps valuable, but the meaning and emotions that they hold. For in each photo, we see a reflection of our relationships and connections, a reminder of the love and joy that we share with those closest to us.

I am often captivated by the moments shared with my new family, and I can't help but document them through the lens of my camera. While some of the resulting photos are simply ordinary snapshots, others capture something truly exceptional. The photos showcased here are a testament to the power of a creative eye and the beauty that can be found in everyday moments.

Liz, and the twins on the riverbank
This Wylder life of ours 1
This Wylder life of ours 2
The twins and I at the market
The twins bathing in the sun on our deck
This Wylder life of ours 3