Year / 2022 - date
120mm film camera

Rich McCoy Signiture


120mm film photographs of forests taken on over 100 year old cameras.

I have a strong passion for vintage cameras, with their unique and sometimes unpredictable mechanics. I prefer to use film that is well past its expiry date, often by more than ten years, as it adds a distinctive quality to the photos. These images have a textured and imperfect quality that is hard to achieve with digital photography. Instead of polished perfection, they offer a raw authenticity that captures the essence of the medium.

These photos came about almost by accident. I typically reserve my 120mm film for a different project related to the sea. However, on this particular occasion, I happened to have my cameras with me while exploring the woods with one of my twin sons near our camping spot. We stumbled upon a beautiful location, and I couldn't resist taking some photos.

Shinrin Yoku
Shinrin Yoku 1
Shinrin Yoku 2
Shinrin Yoku