Year / 2018
Digital camera

Rich McCoy Signiture


Capturing portraits of Liz Wylder, a talented potter and the owner of Hiraeth Studio Potteries, was a deeply personal and inspiring experience for me. Not only is she my partner, soulmate, and muse, but she also represents a profound source of inspiration in my life. Through the lens of my camera, I sought to capture the essence of her creative spirit, her passion for her craft, and the unique beauty that she embodies.

In the moments captured through Liz's promotional portrait photography for her pottery business, we were celebrating the discovery of new life growing within her and the excitement of finding a new place to call home. The joy and delight radiating from these photos seemed to encapsulate the beauty and preciousness of life itself. However, as fate would have it, tragedy struck us with such ferocity that it felt as if the very foundations of our existence were shaken to the core. Through the experience of loss and the struggle to save Liz's life, we were forced to confront the fragility of our mortality and the fleeting nature of all that we hold dear. It was in these darkest moments that we were reminded of the importance of cherishing every single moment we have, for we never truly know what tomorrow may bring.

Hiraeth Studio Pottery
Hiraeth Studio Pottery 1
Hiraeth Studio Pottery 2
Hiraeth Studio Pottery
Hiraeth Studio Pottery
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