Face away
     from the storm

Year / 2006
Materials / Digital Camera

Rich McCoy Signiture


A photograph capturing the serene sight of moss on a wall, juxtaposed against the imminent arrival of an early morning storm.

It was the crack of dawn, a time that would make most cringe at the thought of a long and arduous commute into the heart of London. As an Art Director for a top digital agency, the daily trek was an unavoidable reality. Yet, in today's world of remote work, such an outdated routine seemed absurd. Having recently returned from Australia, my complicated relationship with the UK was still quite raw. As a massive storm brewed on the horizon, my fellow commuters gasped in dread, but I found myself drawn to a different scene. Turning away from the incoming grey clouds, I gazed at the red sky and a small patch of moss atop the British rail wall, captivated by the reflections of the approaching storm in the dewdrops.

Face away from the storm
Face away from the storm