Year / 1997 - 2008
Size / H.1500 by W.1500mm
Materials / Wood / Paper mache / Acrylic paint / Enamel paint / Ink / Spray paint / Wooden boat

Rich McCoy Signiture


Part sculpture, part painting, part open-ended narrative. Made out of a found wall of a playhouse in a Liverpool alleyway in about 1998, then recreated in the early 2000s in KatiKati New Zealand/Aotearoa using the packing paper that shipped it and my other paintings to make the Sea.

I've long been fascinated by storytelling and the concept that a piece of art can have a narrative to it. I created this as an open-ended narrative, leaving clues in its construction as to my intent for the narrative inviting the viewer to employ their sense of wonder and play to build upon the clues. This like many of my pieces was to be part of a series, I simply havent gotten around to executing the other pieces, yet!

SoulMate Detail