Year / 2019
Size / H.600 by W.693mm
Materials / Canvas, Ink, Emulsion

Rich McCoy Signiture

FOR SALE: Origionals

Ægir, also known as Aegir in English, is a sea jötunn in Norse mythology. He personifies the sea and is renowned for hosting the gods in his halls, where he is associated with brewing ale. Ægir is married to the sea goddess Rán, and together they have daughters representing waves, known as the Nine Daughters of Ægir and Rán. He is also the father of Snær, symbolizing snow. Additionally, Ægir might be the father of Gerðr, a beautiful jötunn who married the god Freyr, although this connection could involve another figure with the same name, Gymir.

The sea is a recurring theme in many of my pieces and my life, there is a power and intensity about it, also a calmness and serenity, my current home looks out over the Nelson bays and I love to sit by and play in it. But this painting looks at the ancient mythology of the sea, the mystery and the legend.

the painting

Ægir in the studio
In the studio