Year / 2020
Size / H.105 by W.145mm
Materials / Sumi paper, Ink, Typewriter

Rich McCoy Signiture

FOR SALE: Origional / Random Word

Each Bee print is printed using a hand-carved lino block in Somerset. Printed on Orange Japanese Sumi rice paper, then passed through a vintage Japanese Olivetti Lettera 32 typewriter for the addition of the randomised word on each.

During the UK's lockdowns, my freelance design business suffered a severe blow as every project I was working on suddenly vanished overnight. This left me in a precarious financial situation, especially with my partner pregnant with twins, a landlord demanding rent, and utility companies demanding payment. Despite being denied government support, I had to act quickly to provide for my family. As a solution, I turned to creating low-budget and accessible linoprint art pieces, which didn't keep the wolf from the door, but at least kept it locked in the kitchen. Despite the financial struggles, this challenging period inspired me to pursue a new creative avenue and ultimately led to the discovery of a new passion.

Just Bee
Just Bee Candid
Just Bee Kind
Just Bee