Rediscovering Our True History Amidst the Supremacy of Greek and Roman Mythologies

As an artist, I’m always looking for inspiration and new ideas to incorporate into my practice. Recently, I’ve been drawn to the idea of exploring my ancient British cultural heritage and using it as a reference for my art. As a descendant of the Picts and Celts of Great Britain, I’ve become acutely aware of how our culture has been falsely associated with Greek and Roman mythology, which has resulted in the erasure of our true history, including our rich but mostly lost mythologies and stories. However, by delving deeper into the wildness and magic of our ancient British past, I believe I can unlock a new source of inspiration and create art that truly reflects my cultural heritage.

Despite the rich and varied mythologies and stories that underpin our culture, there remains a persistent belief that our heritage is rooted in the mythologies of Greece and Rome. This false narrative has been perpetuated at the expense of our true history, leading to a sense of cultural dislocation and a loss of identity. Indeed, it is perhaps the yoke of having our histories erased that has contributed to this feeling of being lost.

Yet it is precisely this sense of loss that has inspired me to delve deeper into the mythology and stories that form the basis of our culture. For it is in the wildness and untamed beauty of our landscape that we can glimpse something of the truth of our past. From the windswept moors of the north to the rugged coastlines of the west, the landscape of our ancestors is infused with a sense of mystery and magic that speaks to something deep within us.

And it is in this sense of wildness that we can find a way back to our true cultural heritage. By reclaiming the stories and mythologies that have been lost, we can begin to rediscover the true richness and diversity of our cultural identity. In doing so, we can begin to reconnect with our roots and forge a new path forward, one that is grounded in the wisdom and insights of our ancestors.

It is my hope that by exploring our cultural heritage in this way, we can begin to break free from the false narratives that have been imposed upon us and rediscover the wildness that lies at the heart of our culture. For it is in this wildness that we can find a way back to the true essence of who we are as a people, and in so doing, find a sense of belonging and connection that has been lost for far too long.

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