The Antidote

Standing on the shore looking out to sea, everything is simple and calm inside me. These paintings explore the relationship between the abstractions of Land and sea. They are painted on old vintage maps of England. Sometimes the details of the map can be seen through other times its simply the borders and measures. The seascapes could be anywhere, they are unchartable in the absence of land or geographic features. They were in fact inspired by standing on the shore near my island bay home staring out knowing that there was not another landmass between myself and the south pole.

The red stamps of an octopus and a 13 are in lew of a signature and at the time of making were the only two tattoos on my right arm. The stamps themselves were made in Hiroshima, Japan.

Acrylic on vintage maps

Size: 90.5 H x 58.5 W cm

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The First Antidote The First Antidote - Sold The Second Antidote The Second Antidote - £1,000 The Third Antidote The Third Antidote - £1,000 The Fourth Antidote The Fourth Antidote - £1,000 The Fifth Antidote The Fifth Antidote - £1,000

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