We are the FUTURE/Saving Graces of a Free Thinking Creative Turned Corporate Prick/Lucha Libre and Ballet Dancer/In Dreams I Walk With You/These Are the things I use to define Myself/In dreams, I appear as a cinematographer/The Geisha on the Washing Line/LIFE/Empty Shells/Oliver Townsley First Train/Where the Sea sings to the Trees/Self/Non Self/Big Muff/Bedtime Doodles/The Brutal Equation/We Where Never Born To Follow/My Father Became an Astronaut too soon/We are the Children of Dying Stars/The Emptyness of Masks/The Virgin Mary & The Maasai/Pan & the The Elvis Impersonator/Paths to the Waterfall/Songs For Men in the 21 Century/This Burning World/Louise/His Master's Voice/Soulmate/Steps between Heaven and Hell/LNTRN/Face Away From the Storm/8 minutes & 7 Seconds/The Antidote/The Sanctuary

Rich McCoy
Artist & Digital Creative Director

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